Naruto Haku Lemon Fanfic

Naruto haku lemon fanfic

Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Anime/Manga: Naruto fanfiction archive with over 310,908 stories.

Lemon. x-x-x-x-x "Come on Naru-chan lets go clean you up." dispelling. Anime ยป Naruto Rated: M, English, Romance & Adventure.

Naruto fem haku lemon

As the story goes I may add some more girls, you may. Welcome to The Original Naruto Fanfiction Archive [TONFA], both new users and old friends alike. ONe-shot Naruto Fanfic about the point where Sasuke covers Naruto without a second thought when Haku.

Naruto Lemon Fanfiction > recent entries > calendar > friends > profile > previous 20 entries When Sasuke appeared to have died protecting Naruto from a "fatal" blow (in actuality being put in a death-like state by Haku), Naruto, in anger, tapped into the power of. Naruto X Tayuya. special circumstance pairing: Naruto X Harem *I only like it if included my favorite girls and within. I don't owe Naruto or other character. "Really" Normal talk. #ShiKamaru-and-Naruto #Naruto-x-Haku Naruto x Haku ~ NaruHaku. Watch as the heir of the Uzumaki clan fight his way through the world of the Shinobi as he protects his most precious person. -Strictly Naruto X Fem-Haku-some.

Naruto haku yaoi lemon

Three, have sex with your band-mate everywhere you can. Pairings:Itachi/Naruto Warnings:Angst, lemon, smut, PWP. Can't Hide in the Dark: Naruto is blind but still attends a normal. Note this will stay Yaoi just wait a bit and it will be. My favorite special pairings: Futa Fem Naruto X Any.

YAOI* (A Round-robin fic created by the Naruto_Yaoi Group. Naruto Lemon Fanfiction > recent entries > calendar > friends > profile. Lemon. x-x-x-x-x "Come on Naru-chan lets go clean you up.".

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